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December 9, 2012
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A nalu story chapter 12

Blizzard part 1: There's a storm brewing

Lucys POV

I woke up at 7:30, I looked out of my window to see snow falling ontop of us all. I want to go out in it with Natsu but i'm a little scared. You see last year he was ill for the whole of winter! He told me it was too cold for him since he was a fire dragon slayer so he couldn't go out in it. I got out of bed and put my winter outfit on, after I got changed I woke Natsu up.

Lucy: "Naatsuu... please wake up."

Natsu: "Luce..Luce"

At that moment he pulled me in and hugged me tight, I guess he thought i was part of his dream, hey i'm not complaining alright! It was so warm and comfy so I just waited for him to wake up.

After 1 and a half hours

Natsu woke up at 9:00 am he looked at me and smiled, so I smiled back.

Natsu: "Luce what are you doing in your clothes?"

Lucy: "Well I wanted to go outside in the snow with you, is that alright?"

Natsu: "Yeah, it'll be great!"

Lucy: "What if you get a cold again?"

Natsu: "Don't worry I've got something to make me feel good, you!"

Lucy: "Awww, you're soo cute sometimes!"

Natsu:"Thanks *smile*"

Natsu got this yellow rectangle out with a blue circle on it.

Lucy: "WTF is that!"

Natsu: "It's a swift dresser, all I do is choose an outfit then press the circle. OK where is it, summer wear...spring wear...Ah ha! Here it is winter wear."

Natsu pressed the blue circle and a light started curling round him. After a few seconds he was dressed in his winter clothes.

Natsu: "Let's go!"

Natsus POV

We started our way to the guild. After a while Luce started shivering, I just hate seeing her like that, so I took off my winter coat and even my shirt and put them over Luce. She looked at me with a 'You didn't have to' look.

Natsu: "Don't worry I've survived worse."

Well that was pointless to say as soon as we started walking I shivered a lot

Lucy: "Natsu take these back I don't need them."

Natsu: "Sure?"

Lucy: "Yep."

I put my shirt and coat back on and got out a fire pellet.

Lucy: "What is that?"

Natsu: "A fire pellet. When I break it a fire will curl round you and make you warm."

I broke the fire pellet and a flame curled around Luce.

Lucy: "Can the flame be shared?"

Natsu: "Yeah, if you touch someone it will go round them aswell."

Lucy: "Good!"

She started hugging me and all the flames that were around her went around me aswell.

Lucy: "I can't let my baby get called now can I?"

Natsu: "Thanks Luce!"

Miras POV

Makarov: "More bear over here sexy!"

Mira: "Coming up master."

The guild is ecstatic, all they can talk about is Nalu AKA Natsu and Lucy, cute nickname for them huh? Made it up myself! Like I said everyone's talking about them, I even think Fiore gossip will of heard about them. Fiore gossip is a TV show that has the latest gossip on all of the celebrity wizards.

Mira: "Here's the happy couple now!"

Everyone looked over at the guild door and there was Nalu!

Lucy: "Hey everyone!"

Levy: "Lu-chan, hows your relationship with Natsu going? Tell me everything!"

Lucy: "Sure Levy!"

Natsu: "Gray don't you even think about hitting me with that ice hammer!"

Everyone look to behind Natsu and saw Gray with an ice hammer aiming it at Natsu!

Gray: "How did you know it was coming?"

Natsu: "Thanks for telling me Juvia You're really kind."

Juvia: "Natsu-sama thinks Juvia is nice. Juvia is soo happy!"

Gray: "Since when did you start liking him instead if me?"

Juvia: "Since chapter 4 when Natsu took he top off and we could see his sexy muscles!"

Mira: "Maybe you should take your top off now so we can see those muscles again."

Lucy: "Shut the fuck up! This hot sexy man is mine and mine only!"

Natsu: "Couldn't put it better myself!"

Sam: "So it's true!"

We all looked at the guild door and there was Sam form Fiore gossip. She's really pretty.

Sam: "You 2 are dating?"

Nalu: "yep!"

At that moment the snow outside became really strong and a lot of snow was falling ontop of Sam and Lucy!

Natsu: "Look out!"

To be continued!
This is a 2 part thing so read the next one. Here's the [link] to the cover

Next Chapter: [link]

Previous Chapter: [link]
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Pinkett1314 Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Me don't think this is going ok
Pinkett1314 Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
lovelylucy333 Dec 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet :')
Yuuna22 Dec 9, 2012
interesting! I like, and this sweet picture! <3
It's by zippi44
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